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Noah (2014)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Clint Mansell

Released in:

United States

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Curb Records 2033314 Image supplied by
David Strohmenger

Curb Records 2033314  

Original Release Title
Music Inspired by the Epic Motion Picture. 
United States 
Release Date

Included with Blu-ray at Walmart stores.

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Nonesuch Records 542164-2

Nonesuch Records 542164-2  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  In The Beginning, There Was Nothing (04:12)
2.  The World Was Filled With Violence (01:30)
3.  The End Of All Flesh Is Before Me (02:15)
4.  A Sweet Savour (04:28)
5.  The Fallen Ones (03:57)
6.  For Seasons, And For Days, And Years (02:27)
7.  Make Thee An Ark (05:09)
8.  Every Creeping Thing That Creeps (05:46)
9.  I Will Destroy Them (02:53)
10.  Flesh Of My Flesh (01:42)
11.  The Wickedness Of Man (01:39)
12.  In Sorrow Thou Shalt Bring Forth Children (03:55)
13.  Your Eyes Shall Be Opened, And Ye Shall Be As Gods (02:24)
14.  The Flood Waters Were Upon The World (03:01)
15.  By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed (03:33)
16.  The Judgement Of Man (02:45)
17.  The Spirit Of The Creator Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters (03:00)
18.  Forty Days And Nights (03:20)
19.  What Is This That Thou Hast Done? (02:11)
20.  The Fear And The Dread Of You (04:23)
21.  And He Remembered Noah (04:18)
22.  Day And Night Shall Not Cease (05:49)
23.  Mercy Is - Patti Smith* (04:11)
Written by Patti Smith & Lenny Kaye
Performed By Patti Smith & Kronos Quartet

Total Duration: 01:18:48
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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