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Lucy (2014)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Eric Serra

Released in:


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EuropaCorp 849.A020.020

EuropaCorp 849.A020.020  

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  Track listing

1.  Sister Rust (03:25)
Performed by Damon Albarn
2.  First Cells (01:00)
3.  Mr. Wang's Bloddy Suite, Pt. 1 to 4 (04:37)
4.  Mr. Wang's Bloddy Suite, Pt. 5 to 7 (02:56)
5.  All We Have Done with It (01:29)
6.  Choose to Reproduce (00:38)
7.  Inner Fireworks (02:32)
8.  Lucy is Going Out, Pt. 1 (01:35)
9.  Lucy is Going Out, Pt. 2 (01:37)
10.  Tingjhou Hospital (01:56)
11.  I Feel Everything (02:09)
12.  Requiem in D Minor, K. 626: I. Introitus. Requiem aeternam (05:19)
Performed by Patrizia Pace, Waltraud Meier, Frank Lopardo, James Morris, Swedish Radio Choir, Stockholm Chamber Choir, Berliner Philarmoniker, Riccardo Muti
13.  Thank You for Sharing (01:31)
14.  Taipei Airport (00:39)
15.  Lucy and the Sniffer Dog (01:04)
16.  Disintegration (02:43)
17.  Green Beams (01:34)
18.  Sling the Decks (The Single Barrel Mix) (04:24)
Performed by The Crystal Method
19.  Pleasant Drive in Paris (00:35)
20.  Sixty Percent Mess (00:38)
21.  Grossing the Goon Sea (01:50)
22.  GPS Control (00:49)
23.  Goons and Guards (00:48)
24.  Time Is Unity (01:38)
25.  Blue Injection (02:42)
26.  Melt into Matter (03:30)
27.  Flicking Through Time (02:00)
28.  Lucy and Lucy (00:32)
29.  Moonbirth (00:45)
30.  Origin of the World (02:26)
31.  Where Is Lucy ? (00:49)
32.  I Am Everywhere (02:20)

Total Duration: 01:02:30
Track listing contributed by jgazzolo

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