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Jeune Karl Marx, Le

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Jeune Karl Marx, Le (2017)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Alexeï Aïgui

Released in:

Germany, France, Belgium

Also known as:
  • Young Karl Marx, The

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Music Box Records MBR-121

Music Box Records MBR-121  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 I Am Not Your Negro

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  Track listing

1.  Générique début (02:19)
2.  L'attaque dans la forêt (01:27)
3.  L'arrestation à Cologne (00:44)
4.  Poursuite de Marx et Engels par la police française (01:25)
5.  Jenny et Karl (00:46)
6.  Théorie de la Valeur (01:03)
7.  Cauchemar de Marx (01:12)
8.  Expulsion (01:50)
9.  Rencontre de Fred et Mary (01:30)
10.  Naissance de Laura/Lettres (05:02)
11.  Critique de la Critique critique (01:22)
12.  La Ligue communiste (01:47)
13.  La dernière dispute (02:34)
14.  Le Manifeste (03:46)
Tracks 1-14: LE JEUNE KARL MARX (Time: 27:10)
15.  I Am Not Your Negro (01:24)
16.  Witness (02:24)
17.  I Must Sketch Now (02:16)
18.  Purity/Letter 2 (01:40)
19.  Menace (01:46)
20.  Demonstration (00:37)
21.  Illusions (01:03)
22.  Riots (02:12)
23.  Friendship Disappeared (00:37)
24.  Paying My Dues (01:20)
25.  Malcolm X Murdered (00:47)
26.  Sad News (02:21)
27.  Unfinished Manuscript (01:11)
28.  Letter (01:21)
29.  What I'm Trying To Say To This Country/Journey (01:23)
30.  FBI Memorandum (01:32)
31.  Remember This House (01:36)
32.  Reconciliation (00:54)
33.  I Can’t Be a Pessimist (featuring James Baldwin) (01:36)
Tracks 15-33: I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO (Time: 28:25)

Total Duration: 00:54:47
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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