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Zombillenium (2017)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Éric Neveux

Released in:

France, Belgium

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Buy from Quartet Records - Spain.

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Quartet Records QR-288

Quartet Records QR-288  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Zombillénium (Ouverture) (01:52)
2.  Rosemary (02:52)
Performed by Mat Bastard
3.  Contrôle des normes (02:11)
4.  Descente aux enfers (02:11)
5.  Tournez manèges (02:08)
6.  Les Couloirs de la mort (01:17)
7.  Hector Furax (02:51)
8.  Le Chasseur français (01:38)
9.  Flying Board (01:06)
10.  Stand as One (03:18)
Performed by Mat Bastard
11.  Lucie & Gretchen (02:47)
12.  Diggin’ in the Crates (02:51)
Performed by Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer
13.  En ligne directe avec le diable (01:40)
14.  Les Vampires de la finance (00:55)
15.  Hector relève le défi (01:28)
16.  Get Up and Dance (02:54)
Performed by Kameron “Grae” Alexander
17.  Vampi Dandy (01:50)
18.  Vanpirama (00:47)
Performed by Mat Bastard
19.  Bad Man, Bat Men (02:28)
20.  Les Corons (01:58)
21.  Retour vers l’enfer (01:22)
22.  La Marche des zombies (01:45)
23.  La Révolte des damnés (02:11)
24.  Lutte finale (02:04)
25.  Hector et Lucie (02:35)
26.  We Are Losing All Together (02:42)
Performed by LZR

Total Duration: 00:53:41
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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