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Jeremiah Johnson



Jeremiah Johnson (1972)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
John Rubinstein
Tim McIntire

Released in:

United States

Action, Drama, Western

Also known as:
  • Crow Killer (1972, United States, working title)

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Collection: 114
Wish list: 64

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Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 12 No. 15

Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 12 No. 15  

United States 
Release Date

Silver Age Classics series.
Limited edition of 3000 copies.

Other information
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Collection: 56
Wish list: 9

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  Track listing

1.  Overture/Spirits Landings/“Jeremiah Johnson” (Main Title) (07:42)
2.  Hatchet Jack’s Letter/Bear Claw/You Got Some Work to Do (01:50)
3.  Jeremiah Johnson/Top Knot (02:26)
4.  Wedding Chant/“The Way That You Wander” (01:44)
5.  Swan (02:37)
6.  The Cabin/It’ll Have to Do (02:30)
7.  Ride to the Buffalo (02:16)
8.  Who Won?/Intermission (01:45)
9.  Entr’Acte/The Burial Ground/Ride Home/The Wake (03:57)
10.  Funeral Fire (01:01)
11.  Indian Death Chant/”He’s Never Been Known to Be Wrong” (“An Indian Says”)/Jeremiah Johnson (01:58)
12.  Violence Montage (00:43)
13.  To Qualens/What’s on the Spit? (02:02)
14.  Green and Muddy/“The Way That You Wander”/“Jeremiah Johnson” (End Title) (03:16)
Total Time: 36:18

Additional Score
15.  Spirits Landing (instrumental) (01:55)
16.  Paints His Shirt Red/Hatchet Jack/M11/M12/Yes/Close Shave (01:35)
17.  He’s Never Been Known to Be Wrong (instrumental) (01:56)
Total Time: 5:30

Album Tracks
Including Dialogue from the Motion Picture
18.  Hatchet Jack/Bear Claw/Full-Time Night Woman (02:00)
19.  The Wedding/“The Way That You Wander” (02:04)
20.  Maybe April/“The Way That You Wander”/End Title (03:50)
Total Time: 7:59

Orchestral Demo
21.  Spirits Landing/“Jeremiah Johnson” (Main Title) (05:32)

Work Tape
22.  The Cabin (04:22)
23.  Flute and Violin 1 (01:12)
24.  “Jeremiah Johnson” (01:20)
25.  “The Heart of a Lady” (02:44)
26.  Guitar Improvisation (00:14)
27.  Violin and Piano (01:13)
28.  “Jeremiah Johnson” (End Title) (01:31)
Total Time: 12:52

Song Recordings
29.  “The Way That You Wander” (01:13)
30.  “The Heart of a Lady” (humming (01:04)
31.  “Jeremiah Johnson” (End Title) (01:14)
Total Time: 3:36

Total Duration: 01:10:46
Track listing contributed by handstand

Warner Bros. BS 2902 Image supplied by
Michael Javorka

Warner Bros. BS 2902  

United States 
Release Date

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 58
Wish list: 55

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  Track listing

1.  Overture "Jeremiah Johnson" Main Title (07:40)
2.  Hatchet Jack / Bear Claw / Full-Time Night-Woman (02:00)
3.  Top Knot (02:23)
4.  The Wedding / "The Way That You Wander" (02:04)
5.  Swan (02:37)
6.  The Cabin (02:00)
7.  The Cavlary / The Burial Ground / The Wake / Crow Death Chant / An Indian Says / Rocky Mountains (08:55)
8.  Ride To The Buffalo (02:14)
9.  Maybe April / "The Way Yhat You Wander" / End Title (03:52)

Total Duration: 00:33:45
Track listing contributed by tbetts

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