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Creature Wasn't Nice, The

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Creature Wasn't Nice, The



Creature Wasn't Nice, The (1983)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
David Spear

Released in:

United States

Comedy, Horror, Musical

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BSX Records BSXCD 8825

BSX Records BSXCD 8825  

United States 
Release Date

Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

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  Track listing

1.  Let's Eat Here / Main Title (02:46)
2.  Annie Is Surprised (00:33)
3.  An Unknown and Undiscovered Planet (00:22)
4.  Captain Jameson's Dramatic Reading From The Ship's Log (01:42)
5.  Cooking With John (00:18)
6.  Hold Me, Touch Me, Thrill Me (02:53)
7.  The "Stark" Planet (00:39)
8.  The Sample Vault (00:36)
9.  Growing Pains (00:24)
10.  Still Growing (00:52)
11.  Science Is My Pie (00:55)
12.  The Creature Is Loose (00:45)
13.  Trying To Find The Creature (00:35)
14.  The Long Corridor (01:20)
15.  Don't Move (00:59)
16.  All Right, I'll Go (00:46)
17.  All Right, I'm Back (00:48)
18.  The Solarium and A Visitor (01:23)
19.  The Solarium and Another Visitor (01:36)
20.  Drawing Lots / John Finds The Creature (04:04)
21.  Translating the Creature (01:28)
22.  I Want To Eat Your Face (03:39)
23.  This Creature Means No Harm (00:45)
24.  It Seems To Have Eaten Dr. Stark (00:39)
25.  Two Teams Searching (02:37)
26.  The Creature Eats Jameson and Rodzinski (01:28)
27.  The Creature Lurks (00:25)
28.  Annie and John Meet The Creature (02:35)
29.  Annie Has A Plan (01:03)
30.  Bachelor Bills (01:29)
31.  Farewell to The Creature / It's Just You and Me Now (01:58)
32.  End Credits (03:30)
33.  I Want To Eat Your Face (03:39)
(alternate "Creature" vocal with orchestra)
34.  It's Just You and Me Now (00:30)
(version not used in film)
35.  Hold Me, Touch Me, Thrill Me (02:47)
(demo version - Vocal: Lisa Cutler)
36.  Bachelor Bills (01:32)
(demo version)
37.  Hold Me, Touch Me, Thrill Me (02:53)
(Karaoke sing-a-long version)
38.  I Want To Eat Your Face (03:39)
(Karaoke sing-a-long version)
39.  Bachelor Bills (01:30)
(Karaoke sing-a-long version)
40.  Broderick Crawford as Max (05:07)

Total Duration: 01:07:29
Track listing contributed by Stephen Dosen

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