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Deathstalker II



Deathstalker II (1987)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Chuck Cirino

Released in:

Argentina, United States

Action, Adventure, Comedy

Also known as:
  • Cazador De La Muerte II, El (Argentina)
  • Deathstalker II: Duel Of The Titans

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BSX Records BSXCD 8840 Image supplied by
Mark Hammon

BSX Records BSXCD 8840  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Chopping Mall

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Collection: 44
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  Track listing

1.  She'll Have Her Revenge And... (02:14)
2.  Ghost Town (03:23)
3.  Horse Chase (00:30)
4.  Main Title (Alternate) (02:48)
5.  Love Theme I (01:07)
6.  Prince Of Thieves (Dialogue) (00:40)
7.  Evil (01:26)
8.  Love Theme II (01:39)
9.  Silent Running (00:35)
10.  Drums (01:31)
11.  By Popular Demand (Dialogue) (00:13)
12.  End Title (02:51)
tracks 1-12 ''Deathstalker II''
13.  Main Title (02:49)
14.  Come Out And Play (01:28)
15.  Do They Kill Cockaroaches... (Dialogue) (00:10)
16.  Shopping Death (04:25)
17.  Showdown (02:19)
18.  Burning Terror (03:29)
19.  Running Rampant (03:18)
20.  Fergie's Dead! (02:42)
21.  Zombiebot (01:03)
22.  The One In The Middle (Dialogue) (00:08)
23.  Scary (01:05)
24.  Crawling Around (02:59)
25.  Love Theme (01:11)
26.  End Title (02:24)
27.  Have A Nice Day! (Dialogue) (00:08)
tracks 13-27 ''Chopping Mall''

Total Duration: 00:48:35
Track listing contributed by serifiot

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