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Aktuellsten TV-Hits, Die

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Aktuellsten TV-Hits, Die



Aktuellsten TV-Hits, Die (1983)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Frank Duval
Henry Mancini
Jerrold Immel
Allyn Ferguson
Dean Reed
Tom Scott
Billy Goldenberg
Klaus Doldinger
Bill Conti
Les Humphries
Peter Thomas

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Marifon 296 140-315 Image supplied by
Wilfried Wittkowsky

Marifon 296 140-315  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Unsere Schönsten Jahre
 Columbo: Any Old Port In A Storm
 Charlie's Angels
 Streets Of San Francisco, The
 Starsky And Hutch
 Alte, Der

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 5
Wish list: 4

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  Track listing

1.  Life Goes On (03:59)
Frank Duval - aus der TV-Serie "Unsere schönsten Jahre", vocal: Ingrid Kup
2.  Angel of Mine (04:12)
Frank Duval - aus der TV-Serie "Tatort", Orchester Frank Duval
3.  Mystery Movie Theme (02:42)
Henry Mancini - aus der TV-Serie "Columbo", Orchester Ray Conniff
4.  Dallas (02:13)
Jerold Immel - aus der TV-Serie "Dallas", Orchester Frank Barber
5.  Theme From "Charlies Angels" (03:01)
A. Ferguson - aus der TV-Serie "Charlies Engel", Orchester Henry Mancini
6.  The Streets Of San Francisco (02:48)
D. Reed - aus der TV-Serie "Die Straßen von San Francisco", Orchester Henry Mancini
7.  Theme From "Starsky & Hutch" (02:57)
Tom Scott - aus der TV-Serie "Starsky & Hutch", Orchester "Rythm Heritage"
8.  Derrick (02:52)
Les Humphries - aus der TV-Serie "Derrick", Orchester Les Humphries
9.  Theme From "Kojak" (01:47)
Billy Goldenberg - aus der TV-Serie "Kojak", Orchester Henry Mancini
10.  Tatort (03:38)
Klaus Doldinger - aus der TV-Serie "Tatort", Orchester Klaus Doldinger
11.  Dynasty (03:26)
Bill Conti - aus der TV-Serie "Der Denver Clan", Orchester Bill Conti
12.  Der Alte (04:30)
Peter Thomas (!) - aus der TV-Serie "Der Alte", Peter Thomas Orchester

Total Duration: 00:38:05
Track listing contributed by Wilfried Wittkowsky

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