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Land Of The Tiger

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Land Of The Tiger



Land Of The Tiger (1998)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Nicholas Hooper

Released in:

Great Britain

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BBC Music WMSF 6005-2

BBC Music WMSF 6005-2  

Great Britain 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Opening Titles (00:52)
2.  Kanha Dawn (02:20)
3.  Up Into The Himalayas (01:40)
4.  Baby Turtles Take To The Sea (01:33)
5.  Manta Rays (02:45)
6.  Elephants Swimming (02:00)
7.  Myths And Ashes (01:58)
8.  Dawn Mist In Kaziranga (01:37)
9.  Duelling Spiders (01:10)
10.  From The Mountains To The Sea (04:25)
11.  Wolves Chase Black Buck (01:19)
12.  Desert Ass Dance (00:44)
13.  Insects, Chamelions And Flying Lizards (02:59)
14.  Ariel View Of The Himalayas (00:52)
15.  Rituals And Nature In Ladakh (01:17)
16.  Himalayan Glacier (00:56)
17.  Harrier Hawk Chases Teal (01:41)
18.  Fort Rajasthan (01:48)
19.  The Flooded Plains (01:57)
20.  Tiger Menace (01:29)
21.  Waterfalls (01:21)
22.  Monkeys Play But Tigers Kill (02:39)
23.  The Clever Ratel (02:36)
24.  Hornbills In Flight (01:27)
25.  Leaping Gibbons (01:13)
26.  Elephants: Subdued Then Revered (01:26)
27.  Holy Man (01:57)
28.  Whale Shark (02:20)
29.  Sacred Snakes, Coral Jewels And Convict Tangs (03:35)
30.  End Titles (01:10)

Total Duration: 00:55:06
Track listing contributed by Chris Couvee

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