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Frankenstein (1931)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Bernhard Kaun (uncredited)
Giuseppe Becce (stock music; uncredited)

Released in:

United States


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Collection: 55
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Disconforme GV1340 Image supplied by

Disconforme GV1340  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Bride Of Frankenstein

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Collection: 10
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  Track listing

1.  Introduction (00:54)
Track 1-5 composed by Guiseppe Becce and Bernhard Kaun
2.  Main Title / Neighbour Burial (01:18)
3.  The Birth Of The Monster (01:11)
4.  The Monster Meets The Little Girl (01:32)
5.  End Title (01:11)
6.  Main Title (01:54)
Track 6-18 from the Movie "Bride of Frankenstein"
7.  The Monster Live (03:32)
8.  Dr. Pretorius Arrives (01:40)
9.  The Miniature Criatures (01:17)
10.  Pursuit Capture And Escape (05:42)
11.  The Blind Man (02:01)
12.  Friends (02:36)
13.  The Monster Meet Dr. Pretorius (02:39)
14.  Working Under Pressure (02:10)
15.  The Birth Of The Bride (05:32)
16.  The Mate Refuses The Monster (04:24)
17.  End Title (00:35)
18.  Complete Suite* (12:57)
*Bonus Track

Total Duration: 00:53:05
Track listing contributed by Andreas Koenig

Hip-O Records 0121538142 Image supplied by
David Strohmenger

Hip-O Records 0121538142  

Original Release Title
Rob Zombie Presents The Words & The Music Of Frankenstein 
United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Bride Of Frankenstein
 Son of Frankenstein

Other information
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Collection: 25
Wish list: 6

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  Track listing

1.  A Word of Friendly Warning
2.  Frankenstein - Main Title
3.  Moon's Rising
4.  You Shall Have Your Proof
5.  Look! It's Moving
6.  Come Away, Fritz
7.  He Hated Fritz
8.  Search Every Ravine
9.  Bring Him To The Village
10.  A Toast
11.  Grand Appassionato
12.  The Bride of Frankenstein - Main Title
13.  Prologue
14.  I'm Glad To See The Monster Roasted
15.  Monster Entrance
16.  The Monster! It's Alive!
17.  Processional March
18.  Forget? If Only I Could Forget
19.  A Strange Apparition / Pretorius' Entrance
20.  You'll Need A Coat
21.  Pastorale
22.  Chase Music / Crucifixion / Monster Breaks Out
23.  We Better Get Away From These Parts
24.  The Hermit's Fiddle (Ave Maria)
25.  Alone - Bad, Friend - Good
26.  The Music Of Friends (Ave Maria)
27.  This Is The Fiend
28.  Fire In The Hut / The Graveyard
29.  Dance Macabre / Female Monster Music
30.  Monster Enters / Monster Theme
31.  In The Tower Pt. 1
32.  In The Tower Pt. 2
33.  Creation Pt. 1
34.  Creation Pt. 1 / Female Monster Music
35.  Creation Pt. 2
36.  She Hate Me... Like Others
37.  Explosion Pt. 1
38.  Explosion Pt. 2
39.  The Son Of Frankenstein - Main Title
40.  It Wasn't My Father's Fault
41.  The Message
42.  The General
43.  The Discovery
44.  The Examination
45.  Has He Asked You To Rob Any Graves?
46.  The Result Of The Examination
47.  Giant, The / Looking For A Monster
48.  The Evil Flute - (flute solo)
49.  I Scare Him To Death
50.  The Evil Flute - (flute solo)
51.  Don't Touch Him, Frankenstein!
52.  The Death of Ygor
53.  There's A Monster Afoot
54.  The Monster Appears / The Monster's Lament
55.  Monster On A Rampage / The Menace Destroyed
56.  Herewith I Deed To You

Track listing contributed by The Drew

Soundtrack Factory/Disconforme SFCD33554 Image supplied by

Soundtrack Factory/Disconforme SFCD33554  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Bride Of Frankenstein

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 20
Wish list: 0

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  Track listing

1.  Introduction
FRANKENSTEIN (1931) tracks 1-5
2.  Main Title / Neighbour burial
3.  The birth of the monster
4.  The monster meets the little girl
5.  End Title
6.  Main Title
BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) tracks 6-18
7.  The monster live
8.  Dr. Pretorius arrives
9.  The miniature criatures
10.  Pursuit, capture and escape
11.  The blind man
12.  Friends
13.  The monster meet Dr. Pretorius
14.  Working under pressure
15.  The birth of the bride
16.  The mate refuses the monster
17.  End Title
18.  Complete Suite
bonus track

Track listing contributed by Dorian

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