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Ame Agaru



Ame Agaru (1999)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Masaru Satô

Released in:

Japan, France

Drama, Eastern, Romance

Also known as:
  • After The Rain (1999)
  • Après La Pluie (2000, France)
  • When The Rain Lifts (1999, United States, festival title)

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Columbia COCP 30829  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Portrait of the deceased
2.  Main title
3.  Rain Rising
4.  Morning Mist
5.  The Journey of the Forest
6.  The Road of the Mountain Peak
7.  The Lonely Word
8.  The Thin Sun Shines
9.  The Journey to the Castle
10.  The Person's Rising Tale
11.  Spring Breeze
12.  Folding and Packing with the Goods
13.  The Imperial Match
14.  The Slashing Tournament
15.  The Returning Road
16.  A Wife's Help
17.  A Warm man
18.  The Smile
19.  Two People
20.  The Spider-web castle
21.  The Three Evil Men of the Hidden Stronghold
22.  The Bad Guy Sleeps Well
23.  The Guarding Rod
24.  Tsubaki Sanjuurou
25.  Paradise and Hell
26.  The Red Beard

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