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Film Music Of Dmitri Shostakovich Vol. 2, The

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Film Music Of Dmitri Shostakovich Vol. 2, The



Film Music Of Dmitri Shostakovich Vol. 2, The (2004)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Dmitri Shostakovich

Released in:

Great Britain

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Chandos CHAN 10183

Chandos CHAN 10183  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Zlatyye Gory
 Volochayevskiye Dni

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Collection: 11
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  Track listing

1.  I.Introduction. Moderato (01:21)
trs. 1-5: Suite from 'The Golden Mountains' (Zlatye gory), Op.30
2.  II.Waltz. Andante - Pił mosso / III.Fugue. Largo - Allegro (04:48)
3.  IV.Intermezzo. Andante - (04:01)
4.  V.Funeral March/ Largo - (02:12)
5.  VI.Finale. Largo (02:00)
6.  I.Overture. Moderato con moto (02:45)
trs. 6-17: Suite from 'The Gadfly' (Ovod/Овод), Op.97a
7.  II.Contradance. Moderato (02:46)
8.  III.Folk Festival (02:32)
9.  IV.Interlude. Adagio - (02:18)
10.  V.Barrel-organ Waltz. Allegretto (02:04)
11.  VI.Galop. Allegro (01:56)
12.  VII.Introduction. Andantino (06:23)
13.  VIII.Romance. Allegro moderato - Andante con moto (06:33)
Yuri Torchinsky, violin
14.  IX.Intermezzo. Andante - Moderato - Tempo I (05:07)
15.  X.Nocturne. Moderato (03:42)
Peter Dixon, cello
16.  XI.Scene. Moderato (02:51)
17.  XII.Finale. Allegro non troppo - Allegro vivace - Moderato con moto (03:16)
18.  I.Overture. Allegretto (02:05)
trs. 18-20: 'Volochayev Days' (Volochayevskiye dni), Op.48 (premiere recording)
19.  II.The Japanese Attack. Allegretto (03:34)
20.  III.[Fragment.] Allegro - Maestoso - Meno mosso (03:36)

Total Duration: 01:05:50
Track listing contributed by Mitch Castle

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