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Supernatural (2005)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Christopher Lennertz
Jay Gruska
Timothy Wynn (additional music / composer: additional underscore (4 episodes, 2005-2006))

Released in:

United States

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United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  And So It Begins... (03:20)
2.  Sam Understands (01:23)
3.  The Library (01:03)
4.  Let's Go Hunting (02:30)
5.  Searching History (01:06)
6.  A Father's despair (01:03)
7.  On The Bridge (00:59)
8.  Into The Loft (02:50)
9.  He Can't Speak (01:39)
10.  Not The Lake (00:34)
11.  Boys Break In (01:23)
12.  A Loneley Picture (01:28)
13.  The Water Attacks (01:47)
14.  Sam Opens Up (00:50)
15.  Penance / Murder (03:02)
16.  The Morgue (00:52)
17.  Nightmare (02:15)
18.  Evil Awaits (01:25)
19.  Fighting The Beast (03:00)
20.  Dean Comforts Sam (00:50)
21.  The Hidden Terror (03:40)
22.  Dad Is Alive (03:18)
23.  No One Believes Me (01:19)
24.  Hell House (01:07)
25.  Sam Can Love Again (01:05)

Total Duration: 00:43:48
Track listing contributed by JuPe

WaterTower Music WTM 39204

WaterTower Music WTM 39204  

Original Release Title
Supernatural: Seasons 1-5 
United States 
Release Date
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  Track listing

1.  And so it begins...
2.  Luci'fer, you got some 'splaining to do!
3.  Isn't it bromantic?
4.  Demon agitato, Mister Ostinato
5.  Dean's dirty organ (Brother's guitar theme)
6.  Americana
7.  The grateful undead
8.  "Salmon Dean" in the heartland
9.  Blood drops keep falling on my head
10.  Old 'monster movie'
11.  Decapitation variations
12.  Tears in their beers
13.  Gratuitous sex and violins
14.  Ruby: So cute, so creepy
15.  The family business / Elegy for John
16.  The meatsuit mambo
17.  Lilith unfair
18.  End credits & Mo' guitar grit

Track listing contributed by fortesque

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