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May And Other Selected Works Of Jaye Barnes-Luckett

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May And Other Selected Works Of Jaye Barnes-Luckett



May And Other Selected Works Of Jaye Barnes-Luckett (2007)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Jaye Barnes-Luckett

Released in:

United States

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La-La Land Records LLLCD 1056

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1056  

United States 
Release Date

Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Toolbox Murders: As It Was
 Masters Of Horror: Sick Girl
 Woods, The

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Collection: 35
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  Track listing

1.  Deviation on a Theme - Stitch (02:12)
Tracks 1-10: Score From May (2003)
2.  Deviation on a Theme - Kiss (00:46)
3.  Deviation on a Theme - Slumber (01:01)
4.  Deviation on a Theme - Shatter* (01:09)
featuring Angela Bettis and Claudia Schwartz
5.  Weighting (Instrumental Version) (01:03)
6.  New Year's Evil (01:18)
7.  Half-Sick Of Shadows (01:16)
8.  Deviation on a Theme - Construction (01:31)
9.  Prowler* (04:19)
10.  Made To Love You* (03:45)
11.  Theme From The Toolbox Murders: As It Was (04:00)
Track 11: Score From The Toolbox Murders: As It Was (2004)
12.  Misty Sleeps (00:58)
Tracks 12-15: Score From Masters of Horror: Sick Girl (2006)
13.  Lazy Liars* (02:33)
14.  Zero Hero* (03:32)
15.  Hide And Seek* (04:43)
16.  The Glorious Jackals of Stoke Newington (04:16)
Tracks 16-22 : Unused Score From The Woods (2006)
17.  Clara's Opening (00:52)
18.  Ritual Experiment* (Sketch Demo) (02:30)
19.  Delasalle Alma Mater* (Sketch Demo) (02:14)
20.  Twilight* (Sketch Demo) (02:02)
21.  Far From Fasulo (Sketch Demo) (02:16)
22.  Bad Girl* (03:30)
23.  Theme From Roman (01:02)
Tracks 23-32: Score From Roman (2007)
24.  Stranglers In The Night (02:40)
25.  One To Another (01:13)
26.  Our Kiss, Our Day (03:15)
27.  The Head Of Hedda (01:27)
28.  Date For Three (01:50)
29.  The Smell Of Her (02:09)
30.  L'Artiste (The Great Ophelia) (01:19)
31.  Detention* (02:01)
32.  Pluto* (04:25)
*Original Song

Total Duration: 01:13:07
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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