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George And The Dragon



George And The Dragon (2004)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Gaston Waltzing

Released in:

United States, Germany, Great Britain

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Indie

Also known as:
  • Dragon Sword (United States, TV title)
  • George Und Das Ei Des Drachen (Germany)
  • George & The Dragon (United States, alternative spelling)

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Movie Score Media MMS07013 Image supplied by
Mikael Carlsson

Movie Score Media MMS07013  

Release Date

Moviescore Media Discovery Collection Volume 2. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Collection: 43
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  Track listing

1.  Intro (01:55)
2.  Titles (00:45)
3.  Celtic Monk (02:21)
4.  Coming Home (03:14)
5.  Village Cabillo (02:02)
6.  Dragon Horn (00:47)
7.  Search Loona (01:20)
8.  Battle of the Pics (03:34)
9.  George and the King (01:52)
10.  Cave (02:54)
11.  Meet Princess (03:07)
12.  Egg Roll (01:33)
13.  Hunt Cabillo (02:28)
14.  Monastery (01:21)
15.  George Sad (02:00)
16.  Kidnap (00:54)
17.  Rescue Princess (03:19)
18.  Heroes (01:48)
19.  Battle and Birth (03:45)
20.  Last Battle (04:55)
21.  The Dragon (01:07)
22.  George and the Dragon (03:56)
23.  Last Ride (01:18)
24.  Love (01:37)
25.  It Will Always Be You (05:30)

Total Duration: 00:59:22
Track listing contributed by Petr Kocanda

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