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Christmas Miracle Of Jonathan Toomey, The



Christmas Miracle Of Jonathan Toomey, The (2007)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Guy Farley

Released in:

Great Britain

Drama, Romance, Family, Foreign

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Movie Score Media MMS07017 Image supplied by
Bent Erik

Movie Score Media MMS07017  

Release Date

Limited edition of 500 copies.

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  Track listing

1.  Jonathan Toomey (04:36)
2.  Father's Letters (01:46)
3.  Baseball Cards (01:18)
4.  Soldiers and Tragedy (02:11)
5.  Life in the Country (01:55)
6.  Leaving Town (02:27)
7.  Thomas Forlorn (01:22)
8.  Old Blue (01:39)
9.  The Dare (02:44)
10.  Country Style (01:13)
11.  Carving Lessons (01:39)
12.  Home from the War (01:36)
13.  Thomas and Toomey (02:48)
14.  When you were born (01:37)
15.  Confronting Edward (02:17)
16.  You Had No Right (02:37)
17.  Mother to Child (02:45)
18.  The Nativity Set (01:46)
19.  Christmas Joy (02:55)

Total Duration: 00:41:11
Track listing contributed by Petr Kocanda

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