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Van De Velde: Die Vollkommene Ehe



Van De Velde: Die Vollkommene Ehe (1968)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Peter Thomas

Released in:


Also known as:
  • Ideal Marriage (United States, TV title)
  • Van De Velde: The Perfect Marriage
  • Intimate Desires Of Women (Great Britain)

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Chris' Soundtrack Corner/All Score Media CSC 004 - ASM 029  

Release Date

Including a 24 page booklet.

Also contains music from:
 Van De Velde: Das Leben Zu Zweit - Sexualität In Der Ehe

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Collection: 8
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  Track listing

1.  Natascha (End Title) (01:58)
2.  Love Sequence (01:20)
3.  Love Maker (01:36)
4.  Embrace (Großer Kopf der Lehrerin) (01:37)
5.  Gisela's Seduction (Gisela wird verführt) (01:51)
6.  Teach me, Teacher (Liebendes Lehrerpaar) (01:07)
7.  Big Love (Große Liebe) (01:36)
8.  Natascha (Main Theme) (02:02)
9.  The World's History (01:39)
10.  Cin-Cin-Mon Marie: Nu (Peters Beat) (02:10)
11.  Lord Esquir's Party Tune (02:21)
12.  Hurdy-Gurdy (00:46)
13.  The Grand Day (Paar aus der Kirche kommend) (01:11)
14.  Love Bureau (Werner im Büro) (01:21)
15.  First, First Love (01:07)
16.  Eternal Song (Fortsetzung "Ewiges Land Der Welt") (01:04)
17.  Love (Die Liebe) (03:27)
18.  Girl and Teacher (Lehrer mit Girl nach Hause gehend) (03:10)
19.  Shaker (01:15)
20.  Playboy (Achim der Playboy) (01:29)
21.  Tivoli (02:04)
22.  Rookies (Junges Lehrerpaar) (01:46)
23.  Coitude Melanchodelic (03:48)
24.  The Marriage (Hochzeit modern) (00:30)

Total Duration: 00:42:15
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