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Cosa Voglio Di Pił



Cosa Voglio Di Pił (2010)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Giovanni Venosta

Released in:

Switzerland, Italy

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Foreign

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CAM Original Soundtracks 515533-2

CAM Original Soundtracks 515533-2  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Taxi Fermo Sul La (02:02)
2.  Mulfrulland Bar (II) (01:06)
3.  Cosa Voglio? (I) (07:49)
4.  Di Pił! (I) (04:09)
5.  Danza & Piscina (02:19)
6.  Vafantoculo (02:54)
7.  Taxi Mandolini (01:27)
8.  Di Pił with a Little Help from My Friend (02:39)
9.  Tambourin (01:58)
10.  Cosa Voglio? (II) (01:57)
11.  Di Pił! (III) (01:12)
12.  Mulfrulland Bar (I) (01:50)
13.  Eclisse Twist (02:49)
14.  Niente Vacanza (00:48)
15.  Il Vafantoculo Originale (02:51)
16.  Mulfrulland Bar (III) (02:00)
17.  Taxi In Prova (01:02)
18.  Di Pił! (IV) (01:31)
19.  Mulfrulland Bar (IV) (00:58)
20.  Di Pił! (II) (01:21)
21.  Guajira Milanesa (01:59)
22.  Chitarra Agosto Di Pił (03:18)
23.  3 Chitarre (02:52)

Total Duration: 00:52:51
Track listing contributed by JuPe

Compilation Albums

CAM PRM 515534-2 Image supplied by

CAM PRM 515534-2  

Release Date

Although only available through digital download, some physical CDs in a cardboard sleeve have been sent as a gift to people who bought directly from CAM.

Also contains music from:
 Scontro Di Civiltą Per Un Ascensore A Piazza Vittorio
 Eva E Adamo
 Mostri Oggi, I
 Dalla Vita In Poi
 Di Me Cosa Ne Sai
 Prima Linea, La
 Ombre Rosse, Le
 Richiamo, Il

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Best Of CAM 2009, The

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Collection: 1
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