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Deux Mondes, Les



Deux Mondes, Les (2007)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Richard Harvey

Released in:


Comedy, Fantasy

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MovieScore Media MMS-10017

MovieScore Media MMS-10017  

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  Track listing

1.  A Tyrant's Dinner (03:55)
2.  Another World Calls (02:39)
3.  A Levitating Cat and a Strange Journey (04:37)
4.  Nobody Believes Me! (05:05)
5.  Our Saviour (01:19)
6.  The Golden Stones (01:45)
7.  Duel with Zotanians, Next to the Fridge (01:44)
8.  Les Deux Mondes Theme (00:40)
9.  The Eve of Battle (03:32)
10.  7 Women… For Me? (01:31)
11.  The Heat of Combat (03:25)
12.  3000 Soldiers and a Tree Trunk (02:32)
13.  Building a Kingdom (02:12)
14.  Van Gogh Paint La Gioconda (04:09)
15.  Reign and Revolution (04:17)
16.  Back to Paris at Night (00:53)
17.  Final Duel with Zotan (03:33)
18.  Both Worlds Are Dangerous Now (03:06)
19.  Maleedja and Le Pont d'Asnieres (01:48)
20.  The Beach and the Totem (02:38)
21.  Les Deux Mondes End Titles (03:35)
22.  Call to Arms of the Begamenians (02:58)

Total Duration: 01:01:53
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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