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Frozen (2010)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Andy Garfield

Released in:

United States


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2m1 Records 2M1-1007 Image supplied by
2M1 Records

2m1 Records 2M1-1007  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 All That Remains

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Collection: 18
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  Track listing

1.  Talented Socialites (03:08)
Helicopter Helicopter
2.  Helicopter Fight Song (03:21)
Helicopter Helicopter
3.  Lights Out (03:55)
4.  The Storm (01:01)
5.  Rescue Fail (02:02)
6.  Rescue Fail (Alt.) (01:58)
7.  Somebody Needs to Jump (01:55)
8.  I'm Jumping (01:32)
9.  The Bone is Sticking Out of My Leg! (02:44)
10.  That Was a Wolf (00:35)
11.  Please Just Climb (01:12)
12.  I'm Pretty Afraid (04:43)
13.  I'm Sorry (00:31)
14.  Pieces of Me (00:25)
15.  Dog Story (02:05)
16.  Mother Nature (00:25)
17.  Dignity Lost (01:38)
18.  Dan's Eulogy (02:45)
19.  Help Me Up (01:38)
20.  I Have to Tell You About the Future! (01:42)
21.  You Did It! (03:21)
22.  Alone (00:37)
23.  Resolution (01:00)
24.  She's Comin' Down the Mountain (01:26)
25.  Whatever Happened to J...Oh (00:55)
26.  Sole Survivor (01:15)
27.  FROZEN (01:06)
28.  An Adam Green Film (04:34)

Total Duration: 00:53:29
Track listing contributed by 2M1 Records

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