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Capitán Trueno Y El Santo Grial



Capitán Trueno Y El Santo Grial (2011)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Luis Ivars

Released in:



Also known as:
  • Captain Thunder

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MovieScore Media MSM11020

MovieScore Media MSM11020  

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  Track listing

1.  Hassan Desert (05:29)
2.  Thunder to the Rescue (03:52)
3.  The Grail (03:14)
4.  Thunder's Troops (01:09)
5.  Heads Forest and Village (02:47)
6.  The Black Knights (02:13)
7.  Magic in the Cage (02:25)
8.  Is He Going to Die (02:13)
9.  Revelation (06:00)
10.  Sigrid's Spell (02:24)
11.  Mysterious Tunnel (01:41)
12.  Sigrid Cries (02:19)
13.  The Great Troop (01:25)
14.  Crispin in the Drawer (01:07)
15.  Open the Dome! (01:11)
16.  The Last Tower (03:03)
17.  Adagio Agitato (Rain of Fire) (03:10)
18.  Morgano and Hassan's Goodbye (03:18)
19.  Farewell and A New Adventure (03:09)
20.  Captain Thunder (01:03)

Total Duration: 00:53:12
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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