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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter



Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Henry Jackman

Released in:

United States

Horror, Thriller

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Sony Classical 88691978332

Sony Classical 88691978332  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 43
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  Track listing

1.  Childhood Tragedy (00:53)
2.  Vampires (03:05)
3.  What Do You Hate? (01:15)
4.  Power Comes From Truth (02:28)
5.  You Are Full Of Surprises (01:15)
6.  Mary Todd (01:55)
7.  The Horse Stampede (03:14)
8.  Henry Sturgess (00:54)
9.  Adam (01:27)
10.  Rescue Mission (01:14)
11.  Inauguration (01:52)
12.  All Slave To Something (02:48)
13.  Emancipation (00:44)
14.  Haunted By The Past (02:59)
15.  Battle At Gettysburg (00:49)
16.  Forging Silver (01:39)
17.  80 Miles (01:51)
18.  The Burning Bridge (03:40)
19.  Not The Only Railroad (01:37)
20.  The Gettysburg Address (02:21)
21.  Late To The Theater (01:59)

Total Duration: 00:39:59
Track listing contributed by Adam Krysinski (

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