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Lo Imposible



Lo Imposible (2012)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Fernando Velázquez

Released in:



Also known as:
  • Impossible, The

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Quartet Records SM021

Quartet Records SM021  

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Collection: 42
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  Track listing

1.  The Impossible Main Titles (05:12)
2.  The best holiday season ever (02:27)
3.  Is it Over? (00:53)
4.  Even if it's the last thing we do (01:28)
5.  Kem Kang Noi (02:02)
6.  My boys, I cannot see them (03:53)
7.  Go and help people (01:36)
8.  I will bring your “Pappa” here (01:23)
9.  Is there somebody we could call? (01:21)
10.  We'll drive you somewhere safer (01:18)
11.  Won't stop looking until I find them (01:31)
12.  But she'll be Ok, right? (01:52)
13.  Mom, guess what I just saw outside? (05:50)
14.  Let's go, no need to wait (04:45)
15.  Am I dead? (02:36)
16.  I have a family too (01:31)
17.  He looked so happy (05:01)
18.  The Impossible End Titles (07:50)

Total Duration: 00:52:29
Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

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