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Alex Cross



Alex Cross (2012)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
John Debney

Released in:

United States

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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Metropolis Movie Music no label number

Metropolis Movie Music no label number  

United States 
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  Track listing

1.  Alex Cross / Opening Titles (01:41)
2.  Going To Pop Pop (01:17)
3.  Maria Is Pregnant (02:14)
4.  MMA Enterance (01:33)
5.  Picasso Breaks An Arm (00:52)
6.  Picasso Seduces Women (03:04)
7.  Tommy / Monica Talk (02:04)
8.  Alex Accesses Crime Scene (04:45)
9.  Next Target (01:01)
10.  Aqua Building (06:20)
11.  Boom He's Gone (01:55)
12.  Alex Profiles Killer (01:37)
13.  I Don't Want To Die (01:58)
14.  Picasso Kills Maria (05:11)
15.  Alex Comforts Janelle (02:58)
16.  Detroit P.D. Breakin (01:56)
17.  Give Me A Name (02:00)
18.  Shutdown Courthouse Square (02:54)
19.  Picasso Takes Train (05:40)
20.  Confronting Picasso (02:47)
21.  Alex / Picasso Do Battle (02:38)
22.  It Ain't Over Tommy (02:02)
23.  Restrained Satisfaction (01:48)
24.  Alex Walks To House (01:10)

Total Duration: 01:01:25
Track listing contributed by Adam Krysinski (

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