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Something Wicked This Way Comes



Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)

James Horner, Georges Delerue (rejected score) 

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5 Stars for both Horner & Delerue*****
David Green (December 13, 2015)

Having listened to both Intrada releases, I would give both the Horner and Delerue scores 5 stars. James Horner's score is more up-tempo and fantasy driven whereas Georges Delerue's score takes a more somber and dark approach, Both are very effective in their own right and are a Great listen.

Georges delivers one of the best film scores for Disney, as well as the genre as a whole!
bansheefan57 (January 30, 2010)
I have the bootleg of the rejected score to this film, by Georges Delerue. Aside from it's obvious anomalies in that it is ripped, or taken from some unofficial source, it is quite outstanding! A totally superb work of musicality that must be heard to be believed. Delerue throws characteristics away in favor of a more emotional and haunting score that hangs over your head like the ghosts and demons from the film. From a dark chorus that croons an evil and static line of music to a delightfully fun and playful theme of friendship, with just a touch of sadness, Delerue contributed what should have been an oscar winner for best score! The music begins very dark and brooding, sustaining eerie strings and sad tones. Black and white, with all the greys in between are the colors that come to mind, as with the tone of the story it represents. There is little joy in a short cue that slightly glances on the theme of the two boys early on. We hear this almost overly aesthetic cue in it's fullest at the score's end. A dark choir, as stated before, hovers over the score in haunting proficiency. Sad and angry strings drill an emotional tension into the full of the composition and a plethora of dark and enchanting carnival cues make for a surreal and tricky seduction. It blasts into a rough and torturous motif in the final moments, ending in a beautiful and triumphant finale, as Delerue has a field day with the friendship theme. In short, Delerue goes as far to the complex side of film scoring as he knows how, and the film would have benefited from it, should Disney had allowed it to, and believe me, they SHOULD have!!! My advice is to find the bootleg where possible, as I have, and listen away. Beware, this score is creepy and enduring. A MUST for all!

Beware of Bootleg Versions of Horner's Score
by a soundtrack collector (March 20, 2006)
James Horner's fitting score to this film sometimes pops up on collector's lists, eBay, etc. But beware before you purchase. The only version I have ever heard, or heard of, is monophonic - lifted from a special edition laser disc. Which is a shame because this is one of Horner's early works well worth a listen.

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