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Taxi Driver



Taxi Driver (1976)

Bernard Herrmann 

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A Stunning Final Farewell From The Greatest Film Composer Of All Time.
filmfactsman (March 22, 2005)
"Taxi Driver" may not be Bernard Herrmann's most varied film score, nor is it his most inspired, but it's a perfect match for the filmmakers' vision. The romantic/bombastic/pulsing music captures every frame of this landmark movie and, like so many of his other film scores, adds another dimension to the viewing experience rarely found in contemporary cinema. The new Arista CD far surpasses the score's former incarnation on LP and CD. All the music Herrmann wrote for the film is included, even cues cut from the final mix. The sound is outstanding. After "Taxi Driver's" last recording session, the night before Christmas 1975, Bernard Herrmann returned home to dine with his wife, then retired to bed. He never woke up

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