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Explorers (1985)

Jerry Goldsmith 

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Total agreement
Glenn Garvie (February 17, 2006)
I agree this Goldsmith score is spectacular, and deserves to be rediscovered. When I heard the news that Goldsmith had died, this was the first piece of his I played.

Love the main theme!
by a soundtrack collector (February 17, 2006)
Okay....on a soundtrack website, I don't have to tell anyone how frikkin' great Jerry Goldsmith was. Score after score, he came up with such ingenious soundtracks that perfectly complemented the films he was assigned to.

Having said that..."Explorers" is a film I've never really liked too much. As many fans of the film will attest to, it's a wonderful film in its first half, but incredibly different once the kids get into space (and there was major behind-the-scenes problem with the film being rushed into release...which could explain why the third act suffers so.)

However...the score is so full of childhood dreams and soaring achievments...that I think it's a hidden gem that most people who would appreciate it will never know it exists in the first place. Granted, it's an early film of Ethan Hawke's and River Phoenix', so their fans will search it out. And director Joe Dante has his fans.

But I nominate this score to be revived in some concert hall. Geez, it's gorgeous...and exciting...and melancholy...and on my rare vinyl LP (with the incorrect sticker saying there's a Robert Plant song on there when it meant Robert Palmer)...I crank that puppy up, and I'm elated once again.

Thanks, Jerry!

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