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First Blood



First Blood (1982)

Jerry Goldsmith 

Released in:

First Prize for
Branko LaRusso (December 16, 2003)
Great Movie and Great Score!
Before I commence this review I first and foremost would like to acknowledge that Jerry Goldsmith truly outdone himself in all facets when he composed this gem of a score.
This score is absolutely awesome with respects to many things, one of them being the raw emotion and character deriving from it.
After listening to THIS soundtrack does one only truly understand and appreciate as to how Jerry Goldsmith has achieved the status and admiration that he has deservedly attained in his chosen profession - film composer.

With this score he hit a resounding home run. It was'nt or is'nt "overscored" or for that matter "underscored".
The score is very emotional in the superb and distinct way that it to perfection illustrates the story of "John Rambo" (Sylvester Stallone) and his dismal, tragic and misunderstood life as a vietnam veteran, being hunted down unfairly and unlawfully for something he should not have been held responsible for.

Jerry Goldsmith has masterfully sculpted the score to interpret or if you would exhibit the numerous scenes or situations that "Rambo" for one reason or another finds himself in and tries to get himself out of and - he does it with style.

As I try to do with most of my reviews - I've chosen a few personal "Highlights" from this soundtrack album and they're in no particular order. Firstly the track "First Blood" secondly the superb "Homecoming" thirdly the dramatic "Mountain Hunt" and last but not least "Over the Cliff".
Also when and where it's needed I like to praise the art/design of soundtrack album covers and in this instance I'd like to direct a plaudit at the cover art of "First Blood" - great work!

AMAZING! The action score that changed the action scores!
by a soundtrack collector (November 28, 2003)
I won't write about how much i like the music or how it works in the movie.
My fellow soundtrackcollector mates have already contributed very apt reviews for the music.
I will only say that without the score for FIRST BLOOD film music wouldn't have been the same.
It is the action score that clearly shaped the film music writing for the genre and opened new ways for the new wave of film composers like HORNER, DEBNEY, BROUGHTON, YOUNG and many others.

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Phil Blumenthal


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