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Graduate, The



Graduate, The (1967)

Dave Grusin 

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The Expanding World of Movie Music
filmfactsman (March 19, 2005)
The importance of folk music in the social protest movements of the 1960s, along with the identification of rock music with the American counterculture, meant that the growing movie audiences of young adults was primed to hear those kinds of music on movie soundtracks. In the second half of the 1960s, increased emphasis on unique music for a specific film encouraged a turn for pop music groups for scoring films. Hollywood hired rock musicians for a film, or they aquired the rights to previously recorded music. The scoring for "The Graduate" consisted of songs by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel that lent a distinctive underpinning to the film's offbeat story line. Nonetheless, although the Simon and Garfunkel "sound" was new and different, it was used conventionally. Just track, for example, the lyrics for "The Sounds of Silence" through the movie: its essential purpose remained strongly narrative, precisely as in classic Hollywood scoring.

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