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In Like Flint



In Like Flint (1967)

Jerry Goldsmith 

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Check Out The Cover Scan For The World Premiere Release!
by a soundtrack collector (November 28, 2005)
Many moons ago whilst scouring for the occasional exceptional find at a reasonable price I stumbled upon the World Premiere Souvenir Album from "In Like Flint" composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

I've held this recording near and dear to my turntable since. Every now and then I'll reminisce about when and where I found my copy!

Along comes the internet and my usage of and the eventual locating of a cover scan of the same recording.

Notice the minor water damage on the one scanned on this site? Almost exactly as the one I own as if at one time the two were together somewhere in the world suffering the same misfortune at the same time.

So much for trivia!

The music within the grooves of this classic spy spoof starring James Coburn is about as cool as cool gets! Wild space-age Jazz sound with mucho fender bass and electronic guitars a go-go!

These are far out sounds indeed and descriptive of the playboy skirt chasing nature of the films hero who seems to get laid at every turn!


This is Goldsmith at his mid-60's best! *****

How Not To Re-Issue a Soundtrack Pt. 2
Neel Kizmiaz (October 5, 2005)
If you got the original vinyl soundtrack then you are in for a treat for this is one my favorite Jerry Goldsmith scores bar none. The track "No Rest For the Weary" is a surfy reverb laden head trip. bought the re-issue CD...and it's not on it, but you sold your vinyl. Then you don't have the original score my friend. Not only is this song not on the re-issue on Varase Saraband (VSD-5935), but nor is the track Who Was That Lady. They did add 5 extra tracks of filler- bland restatements of the Flint theme. Gone is Shelly Manne's rich sounding drums, gone is the opening bass line for the "In Like Flint" theme for Christ's Sake- THE OPENING BASS LINE! This is even worse then what they did to Our Man Flint- for it was the production of the In Like Flint music that gave it a kick. Now you can here the Your Zowie Face song, which on the original sounded like spaced out men's choir on valium, sound like the gay men's chorus singing in a cedar closet! This is such a fucking rip-off. Please, burn this disc, and thank the producer of the CD Nick Redman and Remixer Brian Risner for being such absolute morons as to not do their homework and remaster the original soundtrack as it was intended to be heard: from the original LP master tapes , not the 35MM negative of a film..............................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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