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Jane Eyre



Jane Eyre (1970)

John Williams 

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Emmy Winning Television Soundtrack is One of Williams' Finest.
filmfactsman (April 9, 2006)
Given a choice of my favorite John Williams soundtracks, this outstanding Emmy Award winning score from the 1971 made-for-television film starring Susannah York and George C. Scott would be my pick. The film has enormous visual beauty--in sharp contrast to the story of pain and heartbreak. This is due in part to the authentic locations in which the picture was filmed, the breathtaking cinematography and Williams' musical sensitivity to Charlotte Bronte's celebrated novel, in a dramatic display of all the elements that single him out as a composer--his brilliant feel for melodic material, his lyrical expression, and above all his unusual combination of varied instruments to create the proper atmosphere. All of these elements are brought to the fore here in cues that enhance this story of passion, longing, madness, and mystery. Particularly effective in this context is the contrast between "To Thornfield," a light gallop, and "The Meeting," for a trio, with its morose accents beneath the lilting melody suggesting the oppresive aura of the place and the mysterious foreboding that hangs over it. It shows Williams in a particularly inventive mood, obviously inspired by the broad romantic aspects of the story, and always in search of new, uncommon ways to express his creativity.

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