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Krull (1983)

James Horner 

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My Favorite James Horner Score
Luis M. Ramos (August 22, 2003)
I remember when I first saw "Krull" in a movie theater. There were two things that kept me on watching: the visual effects by the late Derek Meddings, which were very bad; and the score by James Horner, which was the best thing of all the movie.
I instantly fell in love with Horner's score that I didn't think twice when I bought the original Southern Cross LP. 'Riding The Fire Mares' opens this album, and although that isn't the main title of the film, it gives a fantastic rendition of the main theme. The action music is terrific; I have always loved the use of percussion in Horner's previous works, and you can hear it here in spades, especially in tracks such as 'Slayers´Attack', 'Battle On The Parapets', and 'Destruction Of The Black Fortress'.
Some months later, I felt upset when I discovered that there was an expanded edition released a few months after the original came out. Since I actually live in Venezuela, I didn't have the means to get my hands on it.
However, in the end, I thank God that I have the definitive album released by Super Tracks. With all the music that Horner wrote for this fantasy flick, I feel such happiness to enjoy what I consider the best score James Horner has ever written. Frankly, I don't care if he recycled from other material, or from himself for that matter, this is his best work ever.

Best score of Horner I've ever heard
Steve Dibb (January 3, 2003)
There's only two scores of James Horner that I feel really deserve mentioning -- Searching for Bobby Fischer and Krull. I love them both, because they are so original.

Krull's score really is original, too. The opening tracks are haunting and majestic, and it sweeps you up into the action of the movie. The whole thing (I've got the 2-cd set from SuperTracks) is just an amazing ride through the story of the film, and it captures all the intensity just as you would expect it too.

The only thing I'm ashamed of is how the score was used on the movie itself! Watching it now, I realize that a lot of times it was somewhat muffled in the background during dialogue or other somesuch nothingness. It turned out okay though, I suppose, since so much score made all the more music for us to listen to.

This one's worth the extra $$$ to spend on it.

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