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Lionheart (1987)

Jerry Goldsmith 

Released in:

The last of a great collaboration
Brandon Moore (July 28, 2001)
Anyone who complains about electronics in a period film should take a closer look at Lionheart (1987). The last score written by Jerry Goldsmith for director Franklin J. Schaffner is a brilliant one. The electronics play a supporting role to the orchestra just like in many of Goldsmith's scores. In a couple of dream sequences they add demension to the film. The score uses a leitmotif approach and many themes which is actually unusual for a Goldsmith score where one normally finds a couple of themes with ostinato. Lionheart uses plenty of ostinato and contains some of the composer's best action cues like "Failed Knight" and "Forest Hunt." One of the albums highlights is "The Banner" written for a scene where Robert (played by Eric Stoltz) picks up a flag abandoned by two of King Richard's knights and uses both his theme and a gorgeous love theme building in counterpoint. Schaffner died in 1989 ending one of the best composer/director collaborations in cinema. One can only imagine what more they could have given.

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