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Our Man Flint



Our Man Flint (1966)

Jerry Goldsmith 

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How Not To Re-Issue a Soundtrack.
Neel Kizmiaz (October 5, 2005)
This soundtrack has only been issued in America on the original LP back in 1966. The Theme was and still is very original and melodic, with Bob Bain's and Al Hendrickson's surfy bossa-nova guitar work even getting recognition in Down Beat magazine. The one standout track for me is the groovy "Galaxy A Go-Go!-or-Leave It To Flint" co written by Jerry Goldsmith and Randy (Short People) Newman. This is the ridiculous part, why would Varase Sarabande re-issue this title ( one of Jerry Goldsmith's best scores), then omit this and three other tracks? (Doing As The Romans Did, All I Have to do is Take a Bite of Your Apple?, and Stall! Stall! Flint's Alive!). This is not the worst my friends , for it seems not only did they master the CD from the film negative, but it's a totally different soundtrack!!!!!!! They added an extra 5 tracks, and on only one track is any of the original line up noticable ( The Boilermaker). Like it was recorded in the toilet room , there is no warmth, reverb, echo, or any nuances that gave the original it's sophistication, instead this CD sounds like the cartoon version with added Sonovox Synths! Please, please, burn this disc, and treasure your vinyl, for it is worth more then ever. To be continued...see Our Man Flint. For the CD: toss it... Vinyl: KEEP IT OR GET IT AGAIN!

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