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Masada (1981)

Jerry Goldsmith (parts one and two; also theme), Morton Stevens (parts three and four) 

Released in:

The Final Outpost
Godwin Borg (July 14, 2005)
When I saw this mini series on TV I was still a young boy but I remember being highly impressed by the music even back then. Many years later when I started collecting scores and I realised that this was one though to get title but of course I did not give up. The Eastern-ethnic sounding main theme alone is worth the price I paid for this CD and the rest of the score is simply brilliant. Echoes of MIKLÓS RÓZSA and ALFRED NEWMAN's epic collosal movie-scores of the Golden age are present in more than one cue but always in a very strictly GOLDSMITHian context Intricate textures weave within one another and togetehr they make one of Jerry Goldsmith's most memorable scores ever. The Main title 'design' appears often through the length of the CD in various guises. If by any chance you are familair with Goldsmith masterpeices and have missed this one I strongly recommend doing what you can to find it! I consider this QB VII's brother score (the main themes bear a common root) and a not so distant relative of The Wind And Tle Lion also (check the 'Night Raid' trackand you'll knowwhat I mean) A real gem. Five out of five. This score is almost 25 years old by now and the more I listen to it, the more I realise what a brilliant score this is! One of the few scores one can never tire of but 'only' grow more nad more fond of!

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