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Salvador (1986)

Georges Delerue 

Released in:

Godwin Borg (August 23, 2005)
If there was ever a composer in the histotr of mankind that could make hearts melt with his warm embracing music that was for sure late Maestro GEORGES DeLERUE. The score in question Salvador takes us to the depths of human sorrow, through the tragedy of war, the loss of lives, the loss of innocence and the loss of a serenie existence. DeLERUE masterfully scored this picture, made unforgettable mainly though the heartwrenching music (nothing less than the visuals) note after afer note ou will go through this sumptuous score, the main theme has the sober sumptuousness of a requiem, a genuine cry of mankind to stop the madness of war. Definitely one of the most beautiful and emotional experiences ever. After almost 20 years this score remains as beautiful, if not more than the first time I heard it . Bravo Maestro! A must have score for all DeLERUE fans.

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