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Ten Commandments, The



Ten Commandments, The (1956)

Elmer Bernstein 

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So It Was Written, So It Shall Be Done!
Godwin Borg (August 31, 2004)
When I first saw this movie I was but a kid but Cecil B. DeMille's masterpiece THE TEN COMMANDMENTS got under my skin at first contact. Eversince, I have watched this epic movie many and many times and apart the magnificent cast of actors, the beauty of the story and sets there is one factor that makes this movie the epic that is it and that is Maestro ELMER BERNSTEIN's (rest in peace) wonderful score. The drama of the slaves, their suffering and their exodus, the love and the hatred, the passion and the spirituality, the plagues, the Mount Tabor and the epic scene of the Red-Sea opening wouldn't be what they are was it not for the masterful score Elmer Bernstein penned back in 1956. This is a lush, beautiful score, rich in highly emotional and elaborate themes. Subtle where necessary, epic and bombastic (as a saga like this requires to be) where required, an unparalleled score, with no equal in the genre. Maestro Bernstein once said that music is the closest thing to prayer and he couldn’t be more precise. Even when heard on it's own the score is a real gem and a wonderful listening experience. A must not only for lovers of the genre, but also those who love truly beautiful and captivating music.

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