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Shaft (1971)

Isaac Hayes 

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you're damn right
I love this whole cd a classic and love the movie as well the highlight is the 19 minute version of do your thing where the barkays switch from the regular formula to some dude on guitar thinks he's maggot brain 4real.

Can't Believe It's A Soundtrack
I first found this soundtrack in a bootleg 8-track tape in 1972 at a flea market and I haven't stopped liking it since. From the infectious guitar lick on the opening track to the closing reprise, Shaft stands on its own as a milestone in movie soundtracks. Isaac Hayes' score still sounds fresh and impressive, not dated. "Early Sunday Morning" and "No Name Bar" are notable contrasts in smooth jazz and progressive funk. Pick it up and you'll wish you could buy it again and again.

Some of the best film music ever.
My roomate in college referred to this cd as the 'Mac Daddy album' because it was/is so smooth. It's a lot of fun to listen to and relax to. Call it what you want, but "Cafe Regio's", "Ellie's Love Theme", and "Early Sunday Morning" are smooth classics. This is great driving music or night-time music. While "Do your thing" rambles on for entirely too long, the rest of the disc plays wonderfully. Essential.

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