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Day Time Ended, The



Day Time Ended, The (1980)

Richard Band 

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A True sci-fi score!
Alex (July 24, 2006)
First off, I've never listened to the original LP on which the score was released. However, I have the CD "Music From The Galaxies", which features the main theme, and I've seen the film enough times that I feel I am warranted to review this score. And what a score it is! Richard Band was a composer who blessed many otherwise silly sci-fi/horror films with truly magnificent soundtracks, and this is no exception. His work on "The Day Time Ended" is a true example of how science fiction films should be scored. His music is beautiful and gives the film an epic feel, implying in the listener a sense of vastness and awe, at other times his music can inspire fear or dread via atmospheric sounds and instruments. His score draws no immediate comparisons, though there is maybe a hint of Hermann and "2001" amongst the orchestrations.
There is no way a score this great doesn't exist on CD. I hope one day Varese Sarabande re-releases the album, now that would be a treat. Until then, watch the movie or buy the "Music From the Galaxies" CD.
"The Day Time Ended" is a true sci-fi score. Amazing work!

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