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Airwolf (1984)

Sylvester Levay, Udi Harpaz, Ian Freebairn-Smith, Bernardo Segáll 

Released in:

AIRWOLF - the soundtrack in sheep's clothing
Mark J. Cairns (May 14, 2003)
Holds the unofficial World Record for a TELEVISION soundtrack as the "Most Expensive Television Soundtrack" with an eBay auction in 2000 of over $715, and 3rd Most Expensive soundtrack after "Moulin Rouge" and "Blade Runner", it commands prices between $200 - $400 now. Production values were the key and 4.5 years of production and development delivered much more than the hype ever did. With involvement (unlike the German + Japanese soundtracks) by original composer, SYLVESTER LEVAY and Airwolf Creator / Executive Producer, DONALD P. BELLISARIO. Sequel CD soundtrack in the works. For details:

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