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From Beyond



From Beyond (1986)

Richard Band, Christopher L. Stone (additional electronics), Jack Smalley (orchestrator) 

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Great score--brings to mind things slimy and disgusting.
Alex (June 15, 2006)
I was very impressed with Richard Band's score for "From Beyond". Despite the film's low-budget, his masterful music is top-notch and classy, the various strings bringing to mind the images from the film--you know, nasty otherwordly betentacled Lovecraftian nightmares and the like. In my book, that's a good thing.
There are some very distinct themes here, such as "She's so pretty" (later reprised on a more horrific note as "Katherine Survives...but...."), and why Band hasn't sued John Williams for plagerizing his notes (The main theme from the Harry Potter movies, great though they are, bare WWAAAAYYYY to many similarities to the main theme heard on this disk, especially in the end credits) is beyond me.
First-rate score all the way.

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