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Season Of Giants, A



Season Of Giants, A (1991)

Riz Ortolani 

Released in:

A Giant scores A Season Of Giants
Godwin Borg (May 21, 2005)
What film music veteran the great Maestro Riziero Ortolani gave us here is simply one of the most impressive works in the history of film music, 45 minutes of pure musical bliss and aural extasy. 15 years after its release I finally managed to get this beautiful CD with the help of my friend Erik and it's definitely one of the most treasured scores in my collection. The musical score is one of the most touching scores all'Italiana, the way only an elite Italian composer the class of Ortolani could manage to deliver. The music on this disc xis the highlight of most of key scenes in Jerry London's rendition of Michelangelo's quest for perfection. Track after track you will float in thebeautiful music of Riz Ortolani's score. The Orchestra Sinfonica & Coro di Roma della Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI) give us a top notch rendition and I am pretty much sure the Maestro himself is also very proud of this particular recording. Many themes of Religious nature and sacred meets somber undertone are present on the disc (with Latin texts by Benjamin). Unfortunately the disc is not easy to be found however 6 tracks fro mthis score are present on the CD published by Rai Mediatrade called THE BEST OF RIZ ORTOLANI, I highly recommend this disc. Bravo Maestro. A standing ovation to a score even Michelangelo Buonarroti himself would be most likely be proud and fond of. A real gem!

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