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Street Fighter



Street Fighter (1994)

Graeme Revell 

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I did not like anything do the with this monstrrous film. Sure, part of the songs are good. But, that does not save it from one star.

The movie sucked but the soundtrack is a classic. Pandemonium is just wonderfull and the one song I really really liked was Come Widdit. Not many people know about this soundtrack but alot of the songs are really hard to find like the Craig Mack. Hip Hop in yo face suckas

Surprisingly good
This sound track surprised me. I was let down by the movie (being a die hard street fighter fan) but surprised by the soundtrack. It has the Pharcyde classic Pandemonium and also the lyrical stylings of Ras Kass, Ahmad, and Saafir on Come Widdit, and also the smooth beat on the track Something Kinda Funky. Don't sleep on this it will shock you.

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