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Straight Story, The



Straight Story, The (1999)

Angelo Badalamenti 

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The best original soundtrack of the year and with difference
Without words; only the said in the title.

Sounds of Wonder
The first time I saw David Lynch's monumental achievement, The Straight Story, I was mesmerized with what I saw, but not so much as with what I heard. Angelo Badalamenti has orchestrated an audio masterpiece that touches the heart and places the listener in place where warm summers and kind atmospheres are illuminated by the power of music. The movie, by itself, is a unique tale that is touching to say the least and uplifting to the point of emotional redemption. The music dances with the story and cinematography so well that the film's tale could probably be told without any dialogue, using only the lucid ambience of the soundtrack and the settings of rural splendor. This is a true accomplishment for Badalamenti and a composition that should not be passed up by anyone who loves a relaxing, soothing sound. Should you purchase it, listen to it in the spring or summer months while relaxing and reflecting on the happy days of your life. But I would also recommend watching the movie prior to purchase, because it is a departure from Badalamenti's previous works on Lynch films. Less darkness, more shining beauty.

A soundtrack well worth having
On occasion, a movie soundtrack is so moving, I make a note to purchase the CD. "The Straight Story" is a wonderful movie, greatly enhancing by this moving score. The music itself defies an easy description. It is as if the rolling cornfields of mid America were woven into gentle guitar and fiddle. Try some of the free samples.

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