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Band Of Brothers



Band Of Brothers (2001)

Michael Kamen 

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Emotional score by Michael Kamen
This soundtrack more than lives up to the great story it was created for. The somber instrumental pieces allow you to relive the story of Easy Company in the 101st Airborne.

You will never listen to it the same again
Once I saw the mini series, I had to have the cd. I am SO not the one to buy soundtracks. I think out of the 400 cds I own, 5 are soundtracks. I loved the movie Gladiator. Loved the music just as much. Didn't buy the soundtrack, but I am close to doing so. Band of Brothers topped it all. I even went out and bought the 6 disc dvd mini series and couldn't watch it fast enough. If you have not seen the mini series, but you do buy the soundtrack, it is still a great score and emotional. If this applies to you, WATCH THE SERIES! Find a friend, relative who taped it off HBO, or steal it from someone, but get your hands on it somehow. You will never listen to the score the same again. It will bring up visuals from the movie that will have you appreciating the score that much more.

Sensitive and remarkable Kamen music
The music to the crowned miniseries resembles the miniseries itself: deliberate, thoughtful and militaristic -all told in the convincing voice of a storyteller. The highs and lows of drama and suspense, the comradeship and (ill) fortune - Kamen utilises it all successfully in a coherent score.

To me, this is Kamen's most intelligent and beautiful score to date. Mostly known for his music to McTiernan films and Metallica's "Symphony & Metal" concert, Kamen is a man of osmosis and influence. Never shying back for utilizing other people's music to better his own, he is both loathed and loved.
He should be loved for this album. In this score, little is not his. As the series is inspired by the film Saving Private Ryan, the music to the series is inspired by John William's score for named movie. Luckily, Kamen extends no further in this than 'the feel'. He brings out his full symphonic talents to create the fluxating sensations of melancholy and dreariness, where the typical military march influences sound like pounding Roman galley drums rather than proud propaganda.
The other influence besides Williams, is Beethoven's "String Quartet in C-Sharp Minor (OPUS 131)". In the series it plays over the event of 'discovering the camp' - yet it fits in with the other music like the piece of a puzzle. Again, it is not copying themes and instrumentations that Kamen applies, it is mood and key.

We can hope Kamen will stay on this path of enhancing and deepening his symphonic capacities. That is not to say his other musical scores are flat for using pop and rock influences, but to me at least, it is this orchestral music that truly touches a snare. I was, at the least, blissfully surprised by Michael Kamen's mindful music for "Band Of Brothers". Set aside any possible reservations at buying another Kamen album: this one is definitely worthy of praise.

This one gets four stars.

Bram Janssen,
The Netherlands

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