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Mists Of Avalon, The



Mists Of Avalon, The (2001)

Lee Holdridge 

Released in:

Music For The Heart And Soul
Shawn Watson (February 7, 2004)
Much like Trevor Jones' score to 'Merlin', Lee Holdridge has created a wonderful and magical experience that doubles as a score to the movie 'Mists of Avalon'.

Every single track evokes love, magic, sorrow and happiness in powerful uplifting cues and cues so wistful that they'll bring you close to tears. The art of the film score is mostly lost in this day and age with most Hollywood trash being scored by trash-metal guitars and blaring sound effects. Amid this cluster of cheese 'Mists of Avalon' is a Godsend and a saviour of hope.

If you like full orchestral scoring with passion and talent then there is no better recent example than this CD. You must buy. It's not an acquired taste to appreciate music of this calibre. After all, this is why God invented music. Yes, it is that good!

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