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Star Trek: Nemesis



Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

Jerry Goldsmith 

Released in:

STAR TREK - Nemesis
Matt Byng (August 15, 2003)
Upon hearing that Jerry Goldsmith was to score the latest installment in the never ending Star Trek movie franchise, I was skeptical because the quality of Goldsmith's scores has gone down significantly in the past few years.
However, I'm delighted to say that the old mans still got it in him... this soundtrack is truly amazing.

Right from the start, we are greeted with the traditional Star Trek fanfare. However, the music then evolves into a militaristic tone to reflect the dark Reman homeworld and Romulus. Once the very short theme is over the soundtrack just keeps on evolving, first we get "The Box" which uses some unique melody's and electronics, The Box is followed by "My Right Arm" which uses the well known "Picard Theme" which was first heard in First Contact.
The next few tracks are generally quiet, except for Odds and Ends, which treats us to a truly unique peice - a mixture of Dr Who style synthesized effects, and Goldsmith's Insurrection Action theme.

Once The Mirror is reached, this is where the fun begins. Goldsmith incorporates everything that made, The Motion Picture, The Final Frontier and First Contact great scores and makes them even better by inserting the very dark and heavy "Reman" theme with a TOS esque melody. This continues right up until Final Flight (The grand action finale so to speak).. but before this grand finale, Goldsmith shows more of his unique abilities by mixing action music with an almost "Asian/Indian" musical sound in "ENGAGE" the thrilling cue that accompanies the ship collision.

The End credits are great and a nice different introduction makes them sound even better. However the original unused main theme (opening credits before they were scrapped) is sandwiched inbetween the TNG fanfare and the signoff theme and really doesnt blend well.

The soundtrack provides a great 40 minutes entertainment. But I see it as a missed oppurtunity to provide something bigger. People who have also seen the movie will know that there was so much left off this release, especially the battle music.

Thankfully there are ways to get the unreleased music and I must say the complete score is amazing. 80 minutes of it altogether.

VARSESE SARABANDE RELEASE: 4 Stars - if it werent for great cues missing, I'd give it five stars.

And believe me, the complete score is worth 10.

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