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Indiana Jones Trilogy, The (2003)

John Williams 

Released in:

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nic Raine.


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A very bad interpretation of the classic scores
There is no need to point out that the magnificent Indy scores by John Williams have become modern classics. Unfortunately, what certain recording studios don't realize in their pursuit of a quick buck, is that Williams's music is *not* an easy popcorn theme that anyone can perform. It's actually quite difficult and requires a skilled, experienced orchestra. The London Symphony Orchestra is up to the task - the Prague Orchestra is not. It's no big mystery among film score conneisseurs that the Prague Orchestra is not among the best ones in any parts of Europe, and that Silva chose them for this recording merely for monetary reasons. It shows immediately. The tracks, performed chronologically and starting with Raiders, suffer from uneven volume, bizarre pitch changes in the choir, and what sounds suspiciously as if some musicians were unable to keep the pace and began falling behind the rest, which resulted in strange sound fluctuations, and the listener's teeth aching. The ToD tracks are once again performed sloppily, with volume changes and tempo problems, especially evident in "Airplane Fight". This continues, and by the time the LC Finale comes, they orchestra sounds bored and sleepy, and so does its performance.

To add to the insult, the sleeve doesn't even use the Indy fonts (except for the freeware SF-Fedora), its choice of illustration is awkward at least, *and* there are no bonus tracks (except for a rehash of the bad ToD song - definitely not what the John Williams listeners want).

I own all releases of the Indy music, including the expanded 2CD versions, and I can say that even if you only own the regular 1CD releases, you should avoid this mediocre effort (I should actually call it "a tacky hacky effort") from Silva and the Prague Orchestra. If you want an introduction to the music of the Indy world, and want to buy only one CD, get the quasi-expanded Raiders instead. An Indy or JW completist will certainly buy this Trilogy anyway, but I predict that, like me, you're not likely to listen to it more than once.

very good music

"Silva Screen stays true to the spirit of Indiana Jones"
If you are a big fan of Spielberg, Lucas, John Williams or Nic Raine with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and chorus, then my friends of "The Indiana Jones Trilogy", you've come to the right place. Get ready for action, adventure and an all around good time as we visit Doctor Indiana Jones and the film scores he has left behind.

Nic Raine has total understanding of the action cues with the thrilling counter-love-themes blending in whenever and wherever needed. John Williams is widely known for all of his film scores, this one has to rank among his best. From the memorable main theme "THE RAIDERS MARCH", to the touching "MARION'S THEME" filled with the tender meeting between Indy and Marion that will linger in our minds forever.

Spielberg and Williams collaboration is always faithful to the storytelling, thus we have the 1984 "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", opening with a classic Cole Porter tune of "ANYTHING GOES", with a fine vocal interpretation from Helen Hobson. And who can forget the "MINE CAR CHASE", with the brass sections blaring as the percussion answers the beckon call. Let's listen to the arrangement of "FINALE & END CREDITS", from Temple of Doom The City of Prague arises to the occasion. This is where the "new digital surround sound" from Silva demonstrates quality film music from your own personal music system.

Outstanding performance in the opening "INDY'S FIRST ADVENTURE", from "The Last Crusade" gives the musicians a work out, that they must thoroughly enjoy. From this suite we hear the clarity of "FINALE & END CREDITS", over eleven minutes of of incredibly addictive film scoring---some powerhouse brass explodes from your speakers, spilling all over the room. Thus we hear action scoring at it's finest hour. Exiciting action cues with bouncy woodwinds and bold brass fanfares abound.

This album contains some of the best of selections of the series. It may not be as complete as we would have it, but this my "film-score-buffs", is the ultimate in the life and times of our hero ~ INDIANA JONES. As Silva Screen stays true to the spirit of all the fans of the cinema and the music that makes us laugh and cry, gotta love it!

Total Time: 43:03 on 16 Tracks ~ Silva America (FILMCD 365) ~ (2003)

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