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Deux Anglaises Et Le Continent, Les



Deux Anglaises Et Le Continent, Les (1971)

Georges Delerue 

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A wonderfull romantic score by Delerue
by a soundtrack collector (June 9, 2001)
Georges Delerue is well known mostly for his beautifull, lush and romantic compositions for the movies of the French and American cinema.
During his distinguished career he worked with many respected directors, among whom maybe the most distinguished of all is the frenchman Francois Truffaut.
Delerue composed the scores for the most of Truffaut's films and many remember his music for films like TIREZ SUR LA PIANIST or JULES AND JIM. Unfortunatelly only the dedicated film music fans know about this wonderfull score he composed for this film, directed in 1968 by Francois Truffaut.
The story of the film is about a romance between two English sisters and a Frenchman. Delerue mobilizes his most romantic and dramatic themes to "dress" the beautifull and luscius shots of Truffaut and his cinematographer Nestor Almendros.
There are three basic thematic ideas during the cd. The walzlike piano rythm which is used as a main theme in the film, the dramatic string theme and a very lush theme which is used as a love theme. The score is haunted by these motifs and the listener can hear them rotate each other in many variations.
In my opinion this is the masterpiece of Delerue's career. It combines all the main musical ideas that appear during his long career. I would suggest you to buy it, although both releases are out of print since 1995.

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