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Last Of The Mohicans, The



Last Of The Mohicans, The (1992)

Trevor Jones, Randy Edelman 

Released in:

Last But Surely Not Least
Godwin Borg (January 29, 2005)
I remember watching this film at the cinema back in 1992 and since the very first scene I knew this was going to be a great film with an equally grand score, and oh if I was right! THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS is definitely one of the most thrilling and epic film scores ever to be heard!!! Melodic, emotional, rousing, pounding! This score has something for lovers of various genres, just like the movie. It has action and drama but above everything else the strongest element is love and to go hand in hand with this themology Trevor Jones wrote some of the most beautiful melodies in the history of film music. Also the cues written by Randy Edelman (who took over the score once Trevor Jones left the project after some disagreements with the production) are a real beauty. They are calmer and more toned down than the full orchestral cues penned by Jones but despite the structural differences and also in the mood-setting they still go hand in hand with the music written by Trevor Jones. The first print on Morgan Creek also included a Clannad song, specially written for this film. The Varese Sarabande reissue conducted by Joel McNeilly does not feature this song (also removed from the director's cut edition of the DVD and replaced with score) but features more music that is not on the Morgan Creek edition. A must for all lovers of fine epic music! Both versions are really worth having!

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